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What Happens If You Don’t Store Your Medication the Right Way?

What Happens If You Don’t Store Your Medication the Right Way

As we all know, instructions are provided for a reason. These are to direct us to perform the right form of action with our best interest and safety in mind. Take medication storage for example. Most medications need to be stored in a clean, cool, and dry area, right? While that is indeed the most common instruction for medication storage, other pills and formulations have special requirements (such as refrigeration, needing to be shaken before use, etc.).

As a pharmacy in Plantation, Florida, we can warn you that if you fail to follow through all the storage recommendations…

  1. Your pills might no longer have the right dosage.
    Exposing your medication to heat or moisture can do one of two things. It can either meld them together or break them apart. Either way, it’s not good news for you. You see, a cracked tablet or an open pill isn’t the same as one full dose. These medicine pellets have been carefully weighed each during production to ensure that they will provide the exact amount of medication for your body. This exact amount will deliver the exact effect you need from your medication. So you see, a small difference of such a crack can make your dose less effective!
  2. Your pills might not be potent enough.
    You’d be off wondering why you aren’t getting any better when you’ve been taking your meds diligently. This instance will not only waste your time and money, but it can also put your health in danger. Always follow the storage instructions for your medicine if you want your money’s worth!
  3. Your pills might undergo a chemical reaction.
    Can you still recall the science lessons you learned as a kid? Remember, when some chemicals are exposed to elements such as heat, light or moisture, their components can undergo a reaction. As a result, the previous components change or form a by-product. The same thing can happen to your medication. If you have noticed changes in the appearance, color, or scent of your pills, stop taking them! You could be putting your health in danger.
  4. Your pills might spoil sooner.
    Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen! If your medication went bad before you’re able to make use of them, that would be a waste of good money. Make sure you follow the right storage instructions by checking the label of your pill container.
  5. Your pills might make your condition much worse.
    That would defeat the whole point of taking medication, don’t you agree? If you’re unsure about the right way to store your medication, you can always ask a pharmacist from Eco Pharmacy to give you advice.

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