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Tips for the Ladies Out There: How to Look and Feel Younger

Tips for the Ladies Out There How to Look and Feel Younger

All women are unique. We have different needs and we also want different things. However, even if we differ in a lot of ways, there are factors and challenges we all share with one another.

Ladies, we know that we have a desire to look and feel beautiful. One way to do so is to halt our aging process. But as we all know, aging is a part of our life. But there are ways on how to slow it down, making us look and feel younger.

Eco Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Plantation, Florida, shares with you some of its tips:

  • Lessen your sugar consumption
    Some say that a particular kind of sugar is healthier than the other. They even claim that brown or red sugar gives less damage than the regular white one. But no matter what kind of sugar it is, it can still give you that weary feeling. Consuming a lot of sugar can be dangerous to your blood sugar levels. Thus, it makes you feel tired, overweight, and confused. And as scientists found out, sugar is the antagonist of collagen, making our skin look saggy and more wrinkled.
  • Eat some chocolates
    No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We encourage women to eat chocolate in order to feel and look young. However, we do not mean all kinds of chocolate. The sweet-savory goodness of chocolate that we are talking about is none other than dark chocolate. The chocolate should contain 85% cocoa or more. It is recommended that you eat 25 grams a day. This is the equivalent to about 2 small squares of chocolate. You need chocolate in your diet because it activates your feel-good hormones. And we all know that if we feel good, it will reflect on our skin.
  • Avoid too much exercise
    Too much of everything is bad, including exercise. You do not have to run a marathon every day to be healthy. Even 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises are enough for you, especially your skin. When you exercise and push your body to its limit, you are only producing oxidative stress. This type of stress produces inflammation giving a visible consequence in our body.
  • Invest in skin products
    Skin products such as lotion can guarantee to slow your aging process. One great skin care product to invest in is a sunscreen. It protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, thus preventing your skin from looking old. There are still a lot of skin care products available here in our community pharmacy in Florida. Give us a visit and browse our selections.

Looking young and healthy does not only have to be on the outside. We all have to feel it inside. If you like to know more about skin care, leave a comment below and we will be making more blogs about it.

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