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Medicine Storage: Are You Doing It Properly?

Medicine Storage: Are You Doing It Properly?

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably storing your pill bottles inside the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. After all, it’s called the “medicine cabinet”, so it should be the right place to store your prescription right? Wrong.

While the cabinet in your bathroom may be dubbed as such, it’s actually the worst place to store your medication. Why? Well, your bathroom cabinet is one of the areas in your home frequently exposed to moisture. And moisture spells bad news for your pills! It can trigger a chemical reaction and make your medication either unsafe of ineffective. Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

As a pharmacy in Plantation, Florida, we offer the following suggestions to store your medication in a professionally-advised manner:

  • Place your medicine in a dry area.
    Rather than keeping your pill bottles in the bathroom, stash them somewhere dry like your bedroom drawer instead. You’ll be able to tidy up and keep your medicine secure at the same time!
  • Put your medicine away from the reach of children or pets
    Both kids and animal companions tend to be curious about what we put in our mouths. If they see you popping a pill from the medicine cabinet, they might mistake it for candy and find ways to obtain it. And just so you know, a regular dose for a full grown adult can pose danger to children and small animals. Help your loved ones stay safe by storing your pill bottle out of plain sight.
  • Keep your medicine safe from direct heat.
    Just like moisture, excess heat can also damage the properties of your medication. This is also why you shouldn’t store your pill bottles in the kitchen drawer! The heat from the stove or microwave can dissipate into the air and affect your medication over time.
  • Hold your medicine in an area away from light exposure.
    Don’t you ever wonder why pill bottles are orange or brown? Well, it’s because those shades protect your pills from UV light while letting you see the contents at the same time. Make it a habit to hide your pills from direct sunlight or other light sources to keep it safe.
  • Store your medicine according to what is instructed in the label.
    If you are uncertain about certain items on the instructions, don’t leave it to guesswork. You might put yourself in danger (and waste newly bought medicine too!). To be sure, always consult with a qualified pharmacist from Eco Pharmacy to address your concerns.

With our services as an excellent community pharmacy in Florida, you can trust us to serve you in a quality that certainly matches your standards. Come and visit our website to learn more about how we can be of service to you and your family.

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