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8 Habits That Worsen Your Acne Breakouts

8 Habits That Worsen Your Acne Breakouts

Can’t seem to clear your skin from acne?
It might be because you keep on…

  1. Trying out a new skincare regimen every week.
    Do you quickly switch from one skincare routine to the next in hopes to find the perfect match for your skin? Well, don’t be too hasty to swap out your last regimen for the new fad! It will irritate your skin. Be patient and give the treatment time to work.
  2. Applying acne medication only on the affected areas.
    It makes sense to use a spot treatment on blemishes you can see, but it won’t help you prevent future breakouts. To efficiently use your acne medication, apply a thin layer in areas where you usually experience a breakout to stop your pimples from coming back.
  3. Using products that can cause acne.
    Yes, there are products that can cause acne! Common examples of these include makeup, hair care products, and even skincare products themselves! Protect your skin from further breakouts by using only products that are “non-comedogenic”. This means that these products won’t clog your pores and decrease your chances of developing more acne.
  4. Sharing makeup and other related items.
    Having makeup strictly for personal use is not being selfish! While it’s true that acne is not contagious; oil, bacteria, dead skin cells from other people’s skin can be transferred to your own skin when you use the same makeup and/or brushes. And that can cause your pores to clog up, eventually resulting in an acne breakout.
  5. Sleeping with your makeup on.
    No matter how tired you are, you should always, ALWAYS, take off your makeup before hitting the sack. Leaving it on will certainly spell trouble for your skin. If you’re pressed for time or feel too tired, you can make use of makeup wipes to cleanse your skin after a long day.
  6. Washing your face several times a day.
    You should only wash your face twice in a day. Cleaning your face too often and scrubbing it too harshly will only irritate it and cause more breakouts. Use a mild cleanser and a gentle motion to remove dirt from your face.
  7. Removing oil from your skin.
    While acne-prone skin is often oily, you shouldn’t saturate it with cleanser to keep it oil-free. This is a counterproductive action that will only leave you with even more acne in the long run. Rather than using as an astringent, you should opt for a moisturizer which is formulated especially for acne-prone skin to decrease the oiliness.
  8. Popping or squeezing zits.
    We understand it’s tempting, but this is the biggest no-no of all. Doing this will worsen the infection on your skin and possibly even leave a scar.

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